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We offer New Class A Modular homes, New Manufactured homes, and Park Models from the best builders in the business. Most modular and manufactured housing dealers in the current marketplace are franchise or corporate stores so whatever the company say's they can sell is what they have to sell and at what price point they have to sell at. Being an independent locally owned business gives us the advantage of shopping around to find the best quality builders and having them compete for your business so you get the best possible home at the best possible price!

Essentially, we've done the shopping for you. Just come in and pick the home of your dreams! Please feel out our easy pre-qualification form at the bottom of the page to begin.

Here at Walkwell Homes the  staff is ready to assist you and your family with any information related to the following:

  • CBS Series Homes

  • Champion Series Homes

  • HBS Series Homes

  • Manis Series Homes

  • Custom Park Models

  • Real Estate Services

Please feel free to send us an email,give us a call, or drop by the office.


Here at WalkWELL  Homes we understand that there has been  a dramatic change over the last few years on how potential home buyers are being evaluated on their  past credit history.  As a result of the major credit crunch and the real estate market  down turn a few years ago, lenders are very strict with their funding. We understand that difficult times came to everyone in the country over the last few years. WalkWell homes offers a credit counseling program. If you have ever done an internet search you will find that there are  thousands of credit repair agencies out there making claims to boost your score 100 points in 30 days. That is just not true. We will help you get your credit history turned around for the better. Now this is not some over night miracle and we can not waive a magic wand and make it disappear. This process takes time and determination. We will sit down with the individual client and go step by step on how to improve the situation. All you have to do is fill out our easy pre-qualification form at the bottom of the page and we can begin the process.

WalkWell Homes offers a complete line of real estate services. If you are looking to purchase an existing property, we can help. Just fill out our easy pre-qualification form at the bottom of the page and we can begin the process of finding the home of your dreams.



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